Who’s behind those high prices for Morgan Wallen tickets?

Is it the bots or Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan registration system? Despite Morgan’s good intentions to offer tickets at acceptable prices, it doesn’t appear to be working out that way. Similar to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour saga, Ticketmaster is using their Verified Fan registration system. Fans are required to register and then are waitlisted for seats, allowing manipulation of the distribution by Ticketmaster through hold backs and dynamic pricing. One constant here – free and open secondary markets offer fans the opportunity to buy and sell tickets after the release is completed.

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Live Ticketing Consumer Concerns Represented on Capitol Hill

There is no shortage of attention on the live event ticketing market, both from the public and government regulators and legislators. In fact, National Consumers League (NCL) discussed live ticketing concerns in the U.S. Capitol with Congressional staff and need for reform at a recent Ticketing 101 event. The panel represent multiple organizations all too familiar with the live event ticketing market and its challenges and have engaged in either federal or state (or both) advocacy to reform the market to improve the consumer experience and make the system more transparent and supportive of fair competition among companies that sell tickets. Each panelist brought a unique perspective to the event, but all agreed that the ticketing market is in dire need of reform.

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Taylor Swift Tickets, Tips to Buy, How to Avoid Scams

As a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB), we want to share the press release NATB put out regarding Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour ticket sale. In addition, below is a brief summary of what we believe will happen going forward, tips on buying tickets and avoiding scams.

As you may have heard, Ticketmaster is under great scrutiny for how they handled the online sales for Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour. With the cancellation of the public ticket sale, we are uncertain of the availability of tickets beyond what has already been sold.

Here’s what we believe is going to happen: Concert promoters routinely hold back a percentage of event tickets that they slowly leak out and also use to create premium priced offers such as Ticketmaster Platinum seating. We believe this is the case with the Taylor Swift 2023 tour. As these tickets are released and more inventory is available, the resale market prices should come down.

We will constantly monitor the situation and alert our clients when ticket prices align with what we have seen historically for high-demand concerts. Currently, what is available in the secondary market is extraordinarily high-priced. If you are still compelled to buy tickets at these prices, RHG will work to find the best deal on tickets for you, and we will guarantee their validity.

As always, we strongly recommend avoiding public marketplaces like Facebook or eBay where your seats are not guaranteed to be legitimate. We will do our best to help you in the coming months with ticket acquisition to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour shows.